Hunger (2009) by Steve McQueen

Other films directed by Steve McQueen: Shame (2011)



I love the cinematography in this; the camera shots, and the ambience of the surroundings are clutching. The part where he was stripping off his clothes to surrender in front of the guards was very suspenseful. It makes us realize the small frightening experience we rarely think about during such possible event. It could happen to us and that experience would probably tear us. That part with the fly was so unique and captivating. The part during the meetings and their tactics of getting unauthorized things from the outside, and it’s amazing to find out that one was a radio, not something to help him escape, but just a radio because the knowledge of what is happening outside is the most significant thing. The masterbating scene showed desperation and shame. The film, so realistic and powerful, also offers something to reflect about yourself, and/or humanity.

The bath scene, shit, I could feel the pain and suspense! The round shit on the wall looks like art while being washed off. It is so suspenseful because they often start the scene with something extraordinary is being done, and you just get the last remaining piece of the puzzle when the action starts and you are astonished. The torture scene with the shields, was done on the point of view of the attackers this time. Unique perspective.

You can experience each of their physical and emotional pains. There are a lot of original scenes in this film and the way they shot them did not disappoint at all. Done at its best.

The dialogue scene where the angle was stationary was so important to make the audience focus on the discussion Even the critics have their complete attention only on it. Great hard acting there without any cut. You can feel the tight pain of hunger with each passing second clinching a sensitive never. The way the emotion of a character was being translated into action makes the film even more special. 

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