Siam || Lily Tuck

A book I came across a book sale (99 pesos for two books; that's 2 american dollars). So in other words, I really did not expect much from it.

Plot: The plot was really boring. Its as if we spent the whole book experiencing a very dull time in Claire's life, which was also a boring part of her life. Lily tried to bring culture into the poem by introducing translations and food. But using such tools, in my opinion, are very unoriginal and unew. Also, they were small and wasteful attempts. Too force feeding in my opinion. If culture was to be presented, characters must be used...

Character: And the characters were really dull. It was quite obvious and transparent that their dialogue and personality was coming from only one source: the writer. They weren't wise, or reflective. Even if Claire admitted she "reads a lot". The slightest attempt to humor and reflection was a bore too.

Imagery: None out of the ordinary. I guess Lily Tuck, or the translator didn't try to make the book at least interesting.

Reflection: Like I said was lacking. The rare times that there were, were just full of rantings and fast paced thoughts, as if a daydreaming segment from any time at any part of our life!

Writing Style: I'm not a fan of it. Its really boring and tasteless. There's no imagery attach to them to make the reader feel a bunch of new things and experiences, without the degree of entertainment in the plot.


“Do you think changing taxis had something to do with Mr. Thompson’s disappearance?”
                “I don’t know what to think anymore. All of a sudden it seems as if each event, no matter how mundane or trivial, has taken on significance.” Connie Mangskau spoke slowly, she chose her words carefully. “If, for example, on our way up to the Highlands, we had run over a dog—one of those mangy, emaciated dogs one sees along the road—wouldn’t that have also been perceived as a sign? Or if after you leave my store,” Connie Mangsaku was smiling at Claire now, “you go out and murder someone, and the police come around to question me, I would try hard to remember something in your behavior that would provide them with a clue. ‘Oh, yes, indeed,’ I might say to the police, ‘I saw her pick up a very rare and expensive blue and white Ming bowl and I was afraid she was going to drop it, she seemed so distracted.”
                “It’s a beautiful bowl,” Claire said, putting the bowl down.
-          Siam, 92. Lily Tuck

Reference: Tuck, Lily. 2000. Siam. England, Middlesex, Harmondsworth: Penguin Books.

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