Children of Men (2006) by Alfonso Cuaron

Other films by Alfonso Cuaron: Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

I really didn’t expect much when I watched the film I haven’t seen any of Alfono’s films yet, although I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about Y Tu Mama Tambien. But, amazingly, I am very impressed with this movie. Makes me value Alfonso Cuaron as a director and explore more of his works.


Directing: The directing and audio from the very tart, where there was only one shot used was a great first scene. The cinematography gives a feel of being there since it is often moving and wandering around. Those long shots were really interesting. The environment feels very much chaotic and realistic.

Wow, the long car scene was just classic and suspenseful; and surprisingly unexpected. The breaking out scene was pretty suspenseful in its own way as well. The lighting throughout the film was very awake and nicely noticeable. It was beautifully frightening. You get a sense of chaos and culture from the environment created in the film and its shots.

There are a lot of classic scenes that could be found in the film. The giving birth scene alone is one of a kind. The choreography of those long single shots were just amazingly done, very realistic and convincing. The war scene is hands down classic.

Plot: The plot was nice as it carried interesting and quality dialogue. Over all it brought back the images of wars and the holocaust in a future apocalyptic world. It makes you think we can never avoid the inevitable. Throughout the climax towards the end, there weren’t much of dialogue anymore but a mere strive and will for survival which is a great element in this film. Which also works for the director as I’ve noticed.

Characters/Acting: Clive Owen’s acting really impressed. I couldn’t think of any other actor that could possibly do better without being just right. Maybe Ewan McGregor or Jude Law. Clare-Hope Ashitey and Chiwetel Ejiofor did good too. Michael Cane played a sweet and convincing role. Everyone else was pretty convincing.

Score: The score was just fitting especially during the part where the soldiers discovered the baby and just froze.

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