The Hangover II (2011) by Todd Phillips

Other films by Todd Phillips: Old School (2003), The Hangover (2009), Due Date (2010)

I watched the film in the theatres and it was definitely better than Hangover I in my opinion; it was just more eventful, more incongruous, more convincing, and serious yet hilarious.


Directing: The directing and cinematography was highly impressive. There were handheld cameras that were relevant in the scenes, such as when Stu got pissed at Alan in the middle of Bangkok Street. The car chase scene was also done magnificently and graphic; when the car further butchered the dead pig. Or when Phil was shot, or when they were watching the riot scene at the tattoo artist’s phone. It was just very convincing and intelligent to say the least. It made the whole movie look real, in such a way that you may find some scenes, like when Mr. Chow died of cocaine overdose frightening as if you were in their position, yet find it very hilarious at the same time.

Plot: The plot was intelligent in my opinion, although it had a lot of similar parallelisms with Hangover I, I think it managed to pull it off really well with its witty revisions and funny happenings. Instead of kidnapping Tyson’s lion, it was the monkey; Instead of releasing a police car, it was a monk; instead of a broken tooth, Stu had Tyson’s tattoo on his face; instead of the roof, it was inside a dead elevator; instead of marrying a prostitute, Stu was fucked by a tranny; and the saga continues... hahaha!

Characters/Acting: Still the same as you’d expect from Hangover I, although Mr. Chow was far more entertaining and hilarious in this one. He had more scenes. Also, I think Fat Jesus was a little bit too overactive in the roles, not the acting. But it was hilarious nonetheless. Ed Helms’ panic was still convincing while Bradley Cooper was plain Bradley Cooper. Paul Giamatti’s Cameo was very well done. I really enjoyed his presence and role. Very convincing.

Score: Pretty much the same parallelisms as the first although there were some serious and frightening looking scenes in this one which the score took advantage of. Very intelligent and greatly shot.

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