Short of Something

Mysterious Skin (2004) by Gregg Araki

Other films directed by Gregg Araki: The Doom Generation (1995), Nowhere (1997)


Directing: Directing was okay but continuous recurrences of the flashbacks and the early narration of Neil and Brian gets old easy. The cinematography could have done better, especially with experimenting with the music. The ending where “Holy Night” was sung could have really grabbed the audience there. The way it was edited made the movie too predictable.

Plot: The plot was disturbing and frightening. It is realistic and special in a way that Brian had suppressed his memories with his obsession with UFOs. His story alone, I believe, could make a very unique and maybe an even more haunting film.

Characters/Acting: The acting was honestly absent from the interesting and powerful characters. It’s a shame really; I’m a fan of Elizabeth Shue. Brady Corbet, I think, did a fantastic job. Too bad he doesn’t act much these days, I saw potential. Jordan-Gordon Hewitt could have done a more convincing job; sadly, I did not get the mysteriousness and darkness in his expressions. - from his expressions, tone of voice; maybe his character was just not that likeable. Chase Ellison, the kid who played young Neil, was good.

Score: Had its moments, but there were times it could have helped some scenes but it wasn’t there.

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