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Minority Report (2002) by Steven Spielberg

Other films by Steven Spielberg: Schindler's List (1993), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Catch Me If You Can (2002)


Directing:  Spielberg did magnificent in the movie; there were numerous scenes that a film admirer can keep on going back to. He used the merry go around as an intelligent tool of John Anderton’s random picking of the first crime’s venue. The scenes where he watches individual videos of his family were special and a great tool that introduces his character. The dialogue between John and Danny about pre-determination was short yet interesting.

The revelation in the greenhouse could have been done better, in a nicer environment maybe, or better characteristics. But it was significant nonetheless.

Man, the eye surgery scene was classic material; reminiscent of Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange. I also liked the foreshadowing of the holding breath scene—from the pool with his son and him in the bathtub.

The spider search scene was extremely interesting and a somewhat Spielberg classic.

Plot: The plot is very intelligent and creative; something you must always expect from a Philip Dick story. The first crime opens up the film terrifically. It carried a grave amount of ethical issues seeing that it was a premeditated double homicide caused by the perpetrator’s wife. You get to reflect about the concept of pre-crime whether such great discovery that protects the lives of people from murder is something ethical or not. Is surrendering our freedom worth it by decreasing the crime rate heavily?

The twist during the Leo Crow scene when John discovered who kidnapped and killed his son was extremely intense. Extending the movie from the Leo murder to Lamar Burgess’ murder was probably necessary, although the movie could’ve worked better without it; the film would’ve done well enough if it was left untouched. Because it seemed like a stretch but I do understand that the short story, where the film is adapted, must be followed correctly.

Characters/Acting: Agatha’s vision of Sean’s, John’s son, possible life could have been way better; although I liked the idea of inserting it in film. Samantha Morton could have stared blankly as she delivered it. Tom Cruise could have not overacted the crying. But, honestly, I think Tom Cruise pulled off his acting here very well.

Score: The score was simple and nicely put.

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