Braveheart (1995) by Mel Gibson
Other films by Mel Gibson: The Man Without a Face (1993), The Passion of the Christ (2004), Apocalypto (2006)


Directing: I didn’t like the editing and the narration in the start; seemed off but it may just be my taste.

When the men came back with the visual news of the death of William’s father, the scene with the score was quite heart wrenching. But I believe Mel Gibson’s directing got a little restricted to make it more powerful, since it could have been more grotesque. It would be far heavier though if they showed a scene where they were carrying his father’s corpse and a part of him either suppressing emotion or just plainly not looking at the body was inserted in a scene.

The movie had a bunch of filler scenes that weren’t done as well as it could be which tried showing young William’s pain, passion, and love. They could definitely been done better. The grave of his father’s death and its impact on him wasn’t there. His love for Murron misses just the right element of unique connection, poetry, and understanding (being the observing scene an exception)

I really liked the element in the film but the scenes could definitely been structured better.

The torture scene of William Wallace was brutal and emotional. I really liked what Mel Gibson did there, as an actor and as the director. Very well done, and could have been a classic.

Plot: The plot was good as it showed heroism and passion from William Wallace. It tried building up that foundation in the first part of the movie and there were significant elements found within it as well. Like the murdering of our hero’s loved ones, the vengeance, the inspiring dialogues and speeches, the betrayal, the sacrifice, and the acceptance. The ending was a magnificent part of the film which may have inspired the ending of Gladiator.

Characters/Acting: Mel Gibson did exceptionally well as William Wallace, but my sole criticism is actually the foundation of his passion which led to his heroic and inspiring actions. His love and hunger to avenge the death of his father and Murron needed to be structured better.  There was about an hour that was given to build it but it didn’t suffice, even with their death.

Score: The score was relevant and present during the much needed moments. Especially the ending which gave its great effect as William Wallace’s last sight was seeing his lovely wife, Murron, watching him with a smile, as if they would finally be together.

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