splitting thoughts

Think of Where you want to be and stay there

While looking at a photo of Michael Jordan during a championship trophy celebration

Jordan is a legendary employee. One that doesn't exist every now and then yet being surrounded by the perfect workmates, the company as a whole succeeds. And they have the rings that symbolizes it.

When you widen the scope of progress of human culture, there's a contrasticng similarity that has existed from the beginning. Before, who ever is athletic and powerful gets the fortune. Now, that's the medium of sports. Rationality with the scientists and engineers. While the loochers are stuck in business. The averages doing random labor work.Until some get lucky and transfers to a different class out of chance, or hardwork for the most. There has always been a sneaky robber but something new in that department is also growing with ideas just like how the mind grows as well: people deviate a plan (cultural, psycological, etc) to get free money without looking "unethical", or without disobeying any laws.

Business people inflicts progress of culture

Now it's becoming norm having your dog go to a spa, or even a small cute doggy hotel. Because money is our tool of communication. If you're not doing good in the eye of the objective, then you get less. If you create an amazing and likeable idea, story, artwork, etc and people really like and appreciate it, you become famous for it. The researches wanting to investigate more spacial disoveries, it is fulfilled. With the Money comes the business talks of having people accept given idea.

Great films

are the ones that carries its own personality and may share a whole different experience and culture. In that sense you get to "feel" what's it to be like being someone else, in a different setting.

It's a study of the human mind and how we interactive beings are.

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