The blood remains in the blade

Gangs of New York (2002) by Martin Scorsese

Other films by Martin Scorsese: Raging Bull (1980), The Goodfellas (1990), Casino (1995), The Departed (2006), Shutter Island (2010)

The first two parts of the film was really great. Near classic actually but then it went downhill from there. The inner themes and story was very good but as a whole, the storyline seemed out of place. The acting, however, was just incredible from Day-Lewis and DiCaprio, what more can you ask? Just watching their performance was worth it.


Directing: The cinematography from the start when the people were working introduced the society very well that I considered it a near classic. It is so unique and creative and the angles and transition were interesting. I very much liked the way the camera stays longer to the environment. It being first introduced in the eyes of a young boy made it more moving. Too bad the same depth of emotion wasn’t recollected when he was an adult.

The cinematography during the war scene seemed out of place, pretentious and just ordinary. The death of Priest Vallon was moving and shocking that it got the film growing very fast; it dictated the overall mood of the film

The narration, however, wasn’t that relevant to the medium of informing. It may have chosen a different way of delivering its point. Like a coherent delivery of information mentioned in separated dialogue.

*there was the prank in the street scene which was accompanied with narration that must have influenced Guy Ritchie’s style, or vice versa*

When Happy Jack appeared 16years after, the mini-flashback wasn’t necessary and may have overdone the emotion or maybe it’s just me. The re-meeting scene of Bill and Amsterdam brought nostalgia as you connect with the character. The dialogue scene that triggered the fight scene between Amsterdam and McGloin was classic Scorcese. The angles of the fight scene seemed out of place though.

The failed assassination scene was amazing and thrilling. It was intelligently made, but it may have been shot better for perfection. The film went a bit downhill from there. Bill the Butcher’s death being very disappointing.

Plot: The plot was highly exciting, experimental, creative and interesting. It definitely deserves a lot of credit.

Characters/Acting: The characters and the actors were incredible. I take of my hat for Daniel Day-Lewis; what a great acting job he did, INCREDIBLE. DiCaprio did extremely well too, he did his work. Cameron Diaz did better than how she normally does.

Score: The score is excellent from the very start and very Scorsese. It sets the mood straight and made the audience excited.

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