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Talk to Her (2002) by Pedor Almodovar
Other films by Pedro Almodovar: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988), All About My Mother (1999), Bad Education (2004)

Directing: The concept of the first scene and its bare, simple and unique performance was incredible. The idea and choreography within it is very touching and moving. I would have definitely loved Aronofsky to have directed that scene. Not that director Almodovar didn’t do well, the choreography and music was excellent with the flow of the film. It just needed more impact with such a great performance by making the angles and movements more personal and “there”.

The bullfighting scene was beautiful as well. Very artistic but I have the same comment as the first one (theatre scene).

I admire the wonderful and creative camera work. From the use of reflection, slow gently movements, odd and claustrophobic views, nice focusing scenes; good work.

The indication that time has passed may have been done more creatively with better editing and transitions.

Wearing the bullfighting uniform was educational and shot very well.

The dialogue between the two nurses when they talked about the comatose patient’s natural mannerisms was classic material; a very special, educational and witty scene. I also liked the doctor conversation scene with Marco, it was educational.

The 30’s silence movie scene had intense art; surrealism and passionate seduction. It was breathtaking and symbolic.

When Alicia was surprisingly shown after the coma, it was just so perfect and emotional that it gave me chills. The score, mood, setting, was just right. Wonderful twist actually.

Plot: The story of the main characters, Benigno and Marco specifically, were ordinary yet very interesting. It introduced a closer relationship with people in general and their passions. The dialogue was thoughtful and had god and interesting content. The plot was really interesting and worthy of a significant story.

There were some funny and witty scenes that did excellent punch lines with timing.

There’s a subtle suspense dealt with Benigno’s mysterious personality and his love for Alicia.

It’s amazing how the story created such a warming emotion when Benigno and Alicia merely shared one conversation together; you can feel as if they’ve known each other for most their lives. The idea that Alicia will never know her life as a coma patient, and how much she has changed the lives of Benigno and Marco is very heavy and touching.

Characters/Acting: The acting was very convincing and the characters were simple yet special in their own way. Dario Grandinetti was extremely powerful with his dialogues and expressions, Javier Camara was exceptionally great and funny with his innocent expressions.

Benigno has the behavior of emotional care but not the emotional reflections and intuition while Marco has the sentimentality but not the behavior that matches it.

Score: The score and audio was overall top notch and smooth. It flowed well and dictated the mood of the film and the depth of the different scenes more special and grappling.

“It’s terrible to leave a person you love so much.” - Marco

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