Classical, Sexual, and Romantic

Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) by Alfonso Cuaron

Other films by Alfonso Cuaron:  Solo con tu Pareja (1991), A Little Princess (1995), Great Expectation (1998), Children of Men (2006)
I think I’ve waited enough. 3 years of having heard about this film from numerous friends of the artistic class, I’ve finally watched it. My expectation of it was also fresh of being fascinated with the powerful director, Alfonso Cuaron, after watching and having the movie, Children of Men, one of my favourites. I expected the film to be different, with a significant piece of plot, but what the movie revealed was something far more exciting and new: it is the closest to being someone else, he tells the story as if you were a ghost loitering around a different possible world, watching from all angles and making up your own interpretation. It is a different kind of experience watching a film by Alfonso Cuaron, he invites you to another world like a special kind of novelist.


Directing: I am in love with Alfonso Cuaron’s mastery of long one shot scenes. They were amazing and interesting. The goodbye sex scene was incredibly suspenseful. The humor introduced the culture of these young adults and the collective character of the groups of friends and couples.

I just enjoyed the car scene and how the humor in-a-way of farting was inserted. It was hilarious and artistic. They develop a way for the victim to search for a smell by making them curious and expect something delightful, until the punchline was given by the fart. How creative. Hahaha. It discreetly showed Luisa’s relationship with her husband with the use of the pictures.

The pool scenes looked classic. It was shot and choreographed very well. I’m curious how many takes it took and how it was made. Luisa leaving the house scene was very creative and well timed as well. I liked the second was best.

The road trip was done amazingly. Alfonso Cuaron is by far the most talented director of our generation. He is a living legend. He introduces cultures and the simple things we rarely imagine or think about. It does tell the special experience that each character meet in this particular trip unless one is an omniscient observer which is a nice thing to be aware of.

The past boyfriend story by Luisa was such a tragedy if you think about it (it may be taken as a story), but the audience definitely changes and taints the mood. In that scene, it seemed like a funny story, when in fact it was romantic in Luisa’s perspective and it showed as a mood changer.

The sex scenes seemed realistic. And had their own unique style. The tension between the confession scenes was frightening and serious. It was a very classical scene.

Luisa’s phone scene and the reflection of the football game simulation scene were magically contrasted with one another. Creative and experimental. Must belong to a special class in film. The truth scene was choreographed and very well acted. It showed no shadowing of the real, as it was creatively made looked like it was a true unique experience.

What a shocking and sexy twist in the story. Very risky and honesty makes it realistic.

Plot: The plot must have created a wide impact to the audience with the age near the characters of the film. Everyone has gone through that stage and to put the film in contrast with society’s norm. It’s frightening because it could happen to anyone and the prejudice won. Also it will instantly touch and sensual or sexual person at any age, race, or class.

Characters/Acting: The acting was great and it introduced nicely and swiftly the personalities of the main characters. It once again introduces the beauty and chemistry of having 3 different main characters joined to share the screen.

The crying phone scene with the drunk husband must have been really hard to do.

Score:  Very realistic. No music except from the radio. And maybe street music.

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