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Flirting with Disaster (1996) by David O. Russell

Other films by David O. Russell: Spanking the Monkey (1994), Three Kings (1999), I Heart Huckabees (2004), The Fighter (2010)

I’ve always like Ben Stiller comedy films and he has always belonged in my list of favourite comedians, until his recent fading out. This film has had great reviews which made me anticipate a very pleasurable movie experience. However, I didn’t really see anything quite new and special about it; I was left a bit disappointed. I think the special events that occurred in the 3rd part of the film have also be recuperated by British/English cinema and it just didn’t went clearly well for me in this one. I’m still giving David Russell a chance to redeem himself in “Spanking the Monkey” though.


Directing: Interesting editing and reflection in the introduction.

The use of awkward moments to instigate humour was a bit undecided for me. In a way it could seem forced, in another it may seem like another normal event in one’s life, which gives it a realistic impression.

Plot: I find the plot a bit too messy and unconnected with each other. You become lost to it’s true sense but what makes the film very interesting is how they wrote the characters and how they adjust to the events in the film. The rationality of the plot is quite unrealistic although the style of transgression is common in new film these days, it might have started the quiet movement.

I really found the old housekeeper and Mel’s long stare off very very HILARIOUS!

The part at Mel’s biological parent’s house was extremely interesting and the content became really suspenseful, realistic and thrilling. The film could really be seen starting from there. There is a combination of suspense and humor to this dark comedy that makes David Russell’s style quite unique.

The plot of the 3rd part is nearly a classic material and the humor behind  it amazing. My own taste ad style could actually make it more thrilling and suspenseful but I really give the script great credit for that last part.

Characters/Acting: Patricia Arquette seems so elegant and Teo Leoni was convincing. Stiller was being himself and the characters of his parents were really incredibly interesting. The subtle mannerisms and personalities of the minor characters were convincing and unique. Like the volleyball sisters and their brief rivalry and hatred against each other. And the two special agents during the interrogation scene; it felt like a significant event for the duo.

“Yes, she’s very attractive... but I’m married to you.” – What a compliment! Hilarious.

Josh Brolin’s scenes was amazingly acted, such a scene stealer. So was Richard Jenkins.

Score: The music matches the theme really well and gives it its own mood.

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