A Vegas Story

Casino by Martin Scorsese

Other films by Martin Scorsese: Goodfellas (1990), The Departed (2006), Shutter Island (2010)

A Vegas Story (7.5/10)

I’d like to say I got what I expected of the film: Martin Scorsese’s epic mind in a physical medium portrayed by the classic duo of Robert De Niro and Jo Pesci. Although the suspense, content and structure of the story were moderately interesting in a identifying way, I was a little disappointed of the way the story was told. The narration itself could have been eliminated and substituted by scenes that would instead show the story instead of telling it. The graphic scenes, I wished were done with greater freedom as well, but since Scorsese and the cast were under a Hollywood producer, who wishes to gain money more than aesthetic experience, they were stuck in an angle that is limited to what was shown. Just a price to pay, still this wasn’t my type of film, however I enjoyed very much the ideas intrigued by it, and how the lives of the characters were convincing enough for me to slightly know them.


Directing: Still won’t top The Departed in my opinion, but the way Scorsese direct the significant scenes were just top notch. He never fails to impress when it comes to individual scenes but as a whole, the film needs fixing on its coherency and storytelling. For a 3-hour film, the time was enough for it.

The educating narration in the start really introduced the content with high clarity. You start to learn that a Casino is just like a bank, and then you ask yourself why it is legal. What does that tell about people?

Nicky’s narration sounds a bit fishy told in a crime and tempting way. Also, knowing the spoiler at the end makes his narrating part turn into a loophole.

The classic long choreographed scenes were convincing. Nicky’s pen stabbing scenes were frightening, twisted, and ironically realistic. Scorsese really impressed with the “who’s watching who?” scene.

The choreography was incredibly creative and unique. Scorsese deserves his high reputation of being one the greatest film directors of all time but the narration becomes a little naggy. The torture scene, without the music, may have made it a top classic scene. In-fucking-credible.

The cameo of the plane scene was funny and witty. The leaving scene between Sam and Ginger was just astonishingly acted and incredibly directed; makes the whole event very realistic. One of the classics.

The tension between Ginger and Nicky was thrilling, especially since Nicky and Sam are loyal best friends that would kill for each other. Makes you expect something huge to follow from it between the both of them.

There’s very good content in the film that makes it extremely interesting. But the way the story telling was proceeded could definitely have been done better.

Shocking scene what they did to Nicky. A more experimental directing would have done that scene for 30 minutes, Rater R, giving everyone the honest, frightening, and visually painful truth.

Plot: It’s about the Gangster’s life, power, greed, friendship, betrayal, drugs, and destruction. All situated in the beating heart of Las Vegas.

Characters/Acting:  The acting is just classic A+, I’m convinced Scorsese has it in his characteristic to always study and be careful with the roles of the characters in his film.

Score: The timing of the music and its role in the film was off and uninteresting.

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