Nov 7, 2011

What good is ART? Thanks to Friedrich Caspar I’ve felt how it is to be surrounded by the sea of fog standing atop the mountains of Bohemia. I know how peasants spent their late afternoons perfumed in sweat and mud as they celebrate with vodka in nineteenth century Russia. I feel like I’ve been in Vienna, sharing conversations with Nietzsche, Breuer and Freud, after reading Irvin Yalom’s novel for just one week. I’ve felt how it is to grow as a lower class adolescent with a rich friend in the early 90’s of Mexico, just by watching a film by Alfonso Cuaron for two hours! I’ve fallen in love listening to Sigur Ros and thinking about the right person, and know it is the right person because I know myself, without even leaving the room. And you ask me what good is ART?! Go ahead and tire your lungs with your idle talks and lock your jaws with your pathetic laughs. Life is just too short to let it slip away.

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