February 4, 2012

Boy in rebel age decides to sneak out of his house to meet someone his friends hooked him up with. His parents were going to find out by asking his brother to fetch him and he gets pressured by what to do just hide in his room. He tells his brother. Didn’t panic too much because he was in the peak of bliss. His mum later on finds out when she entered his room to share beautiful family news. Heartbreaker, she got disappointed and torn. Waits for him. He arrives at the village gate walking home and gets followed by a scary transsexual wanting to have sex and chasing him. He arrives home frightened while the mom thinks its directed at her. He arrives in his parent’s room upstairs next to the main window and he peaks outside with his dog barking and the tranny still standing outside. He gets frightened even more and panics.


-          Rebellion age
-          Infatuation and secretive shyness
-          Friendship fun
-          Midnight experience on the road home
-          Frightening experience with the tranny and Mum

-          Beautiful news with husband
-          Turning point in life: raising the children expensively and not receiving the same – family background
-          Disappointment at sun
-          Rage of the 2nd above

-          Inner friendship with brother
-          Frightening situation between brother or parents

-          Evil deeds and fakeness; highlights the ironic parallelisms of their feelings for one another

-          Humiliating life and desperation

Background Characters:

Friends of main character
Father’s perspective and his own personality
Lover’s family and success
The people tranny meets

Mom touring the new maid and telling her about his eldest’s dog and how much he loves dogs
Drunk conversations with friends
Despair and pleasure by the tranny
Boring job by the guards via conversation
Father’s POV
Mugging at the bus
Lover’s past sentiments
Mini stories for each of his friends
Maid’s perspective of the city
The thrill of climbing off the fence and being conscious of your escape

I saw stacks of cash in the back of his trunk man.. I was curious about it, at the same time nervous because it brought to my attention again how the past days Roy was acting a little bit peculiar. I mean, why does a man like him, carry this much at one go? Then it got me thinking how the last week at Fred’s party he was sharing this fun scene that he saw late night of an 80’s film about a group of guys managing to rob a bank in 13minutes. Everyone was amused by it but he was very cautious and critical about what we thought about the way the guys did it. He did this in a way as if your answer would save his life. Then 4 days later I read in a paper about the very same planned robbery, only it wasn’t 13 minutes but 15. They barely got away. One of them got shot. One of the robbers.

Roy’s perspective of robbing a bank and why
Has to give it away

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