One day of memories

Paris Je'Taime (2006)

Probably discovered this special film researching on more of Alfonso Cuaron’s films and this one was a gave another good result of research; I found more filmmakers to admire. Beautifully crafted, told and directed.

I just love how the ending joined all small stories together and spoke of each of their beautiful lives and feelings.


1.       Montmartre by Bruno Podalydes – The cinematography and the calm music introduces the environment and the subject of the first scene quite well. Even the event and the dialogue were interesting and appealing.

2.       Quais de Seine by Gurinder Chadha – I really enjoyed the cinematography and the characters were so admirable and adorable in their own unique way. The plot and conversation were interesting too.

3.       Le Marias by Gus Van Sant – “I figured that if I didn’t talk to you before disappearing, I would be missing out on something important... that’s beautiful isn’t it?”

4.       Tuileries by Joel and Ethan Coen – Interesting and special cinematography and a bit of comical.

5.       Loin du 16e by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas – It has a very calming feel to it and I enjoyed the commute and the expression of the subject quite well with her experience of the events and the emotional attachment to them.

6.       Porte de Choisy ­by Christophe Doyle – Very unusual but artistically directed

7.       Bastille by Isabel Coixet – The internal narrative and the complementary help of the music gives it a feel of great poetry with honest emotive effect. “Behaving like a man in love, he once again became a man in love.”

8.       Place des Victoires by Nobuhiro Suwa – A very symbolic and dreamlike story that was drawn into a more peaceful and sentimental valued version of loss and coping.

9.       Tour Eiffel by Sylvain Chomet – Has a cartoon-like feel to it. In Paris,  even mimes find love.

10.    Parc Monceau by Alfonso Cuaron – Classic Cuaron with the long continuous take. It not only introduced the streets of Paris in its own true sense, but even the realistic events of a casual passerby.

11.    Quartier des Enfants Rouges by Olivier Schmitz – Very subtle reality and a really interesting meeting between two strangers conscious of their place yet not that fully awake.

12.    Pigalle  by Richard LaGravenese – Tremendous plot with an interesting dialogue and fantastic acting. Swet and special in its own way.

13.    Quartier de la Madeleine by Vincenzo Natali – Extremely spooky yet slightly funny.

14.    Place des fetes by Oliver Schmitz – A very touching and well told story. The short dialogue really told their emotions well, and the expressions on Sophie’s face sang the saddest song. Short but effective.

15.    Pere-Lachaise by Wes Craven – Cinematography was very good and the dialogue that added to it was special and interesting. Wuite the ending that you’ll love..

16.    Faubourg Saint-Denis by Tom Tykwer – An intense ride inside a heartbroken consciousness stuck between imagination and reality.

17.    Quartier Latin by Gerard Depardieu and Frederic Auburtin – As odd as it may seem the plot does feel utterly realistic and convincing. An overlooked reality that most people don’t notice about love.

18.    14e arronissement by Alexander Payne -  I can’t help but associate Paris and this particular short, and how it inspires life, with a friend. But of course things are different  and this one was reflective and realistic. “Sometimes I think that it would be nice to have someone with whom to share this life.” Wonderful narration and ending. Acting, just as magnificent.

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