La Vie en Rose (2007) by Olivier Dahan
Other films by Olivier Dahan: Deja Mort (1998), Ghost River (2002), My Own Love Song (2010)
I believe I discovered this film through a youtube video. A group of well talented actors were asked the same question: “Who did the greatest acting performance in the past decade. Marion Cotillard’s performance here was breathtaking and clearly beautiful. You can’t help but understand and fall in love with her character. I was impressed with how a unique yet ordinary plot was managed to be told in such a point of view that makes you understand a person’s life in anyway.


Directing: The cinematography was observant and interesting. It gives you a small feel of the atmosphere and the environment of that country at that time. The cuts though were a little too forced and awkward in timing and transition.

I think the singing in the shower scene was such a playful and classical scene in the film. Reminds me of White Oleander, such a sweet scene. The recording scene as well did a uniquely exciting feel to it. And the way the Edith at five was introduced to her new environment.

The atmospheric production of the street performance revealed the father and daughter’s phenomenological view on each other. I think it was a special experience for both of them, both sharing desperateness, companionship, shame, we a good thing shared for them.

The begging of one last song scene was intense and inspiring. The cinematography during the long shot was amazingly choreographed, uniquely shot and incredibly acted.

Plot: Shows a very well-detailed drama of one’s life, Edith Piaf: Her progression towards taking care of her relationships with both separated parents, showing sincere love to both, making a living with her sweet angelic voice for the public, gathering fame and life. Who is she?

Each significant scene/part shares a deep emotion for the viewer in heavy levels. One showing a father’s reaction after seeing her daughter slapped in the face in front of him by her boss, being defenceless to her salvation. That shows a feeling of loss, weakness and defeat in such an industry centred world. The long shot for the meeting was interesting and exciting, shows the thrill of life and how every event can mirror a special moment inside of you in which you can still feel not only apart from your experience and memory but as both. The date scene was interesting and a classical scene as well. Interesting

Characters/Acting: Great acting by the whole class and the dialogue was very interesting and creative. But Marion Cotillard obviously stole the whole film by attaching a true character with her mannerisms and voice in playing Edith Piaf. Her look is so appealing it makes you almost fall in love with her. A new Marilyn Monroe of our time in my opinion.—I’m adding her performance during her audition as something to fall in love to—FAVE list.

Score: The score and the audio were magnifico and entertaining. Truly added a great personality to the film.

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