Don't be a Sissyphussy

They say that you can go as far as your the eyes can see, but there’s more.
You can go as far as your thoughts can think.
And on that day, you cut out the thread that has sewn your eyes shut
and realize that you’ve been a slave in a room full of strangers.
Your feet wrapped in burning cloth and skin, forced to walk an endless plank.
Buckled long sleeves like chains holding you down,
screaming “you cannot celebrate a life that is not yours!”
but it’s the only thing you can really own.
Been stuck in this web for so long the spider’s teeth starts to tickle.
But if you ask yourself, “why are you here?”
don’t dare comeback with an, “I don’t know.”
For over a year I’ve been living with a collar around my neck that feels like a wrestler’s grip,
and the greatest day of my life was reading a book in a train crowded with eyes, shoulders and limbs.
And if you asked me then the same question.
I’d say, that “I understand...”
“I understand that we must be conscious of ourselves, and of other people. That life is too beautiful to spend with our
minds tucked away in the corners of a cellar, being infested by rodents,
instead of being shared like a breeze of a mountain, so gentle it could reach your soul.
If a poem that takes over a year to write, is what it takes
for other people to realize how lucky they are to live,
and how unlucky they are to simply exist.
Then this is my biggest achievement.
And I’d finally unbuckle the chains on my wrist,
free myself of the collar around my neck,
raise my arms high and rejoice.

You are free, if you put your mind to it.


Date: Oct 7 (5.30am)
Where: room/bathroom

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  1. " But if you ask yourself, “why are you here?” "

    --I'll reply to read your blog.

    Thanks for sharing.