The Dreamer

A dream in a waking life; a taste of snow and joyous pain.
She broke through the door so she could hear me;
have not let a soul come near me.
But the wind blew a different way;
and from seas of blue and clouds of grey,
she vowed to forever accept me.
Have not let a soul come to know me.
The world showed new color:
every face, every flower,
comes smiling with eyes gleaming at me.
Have not let my soul come to be.
A self re-alignment to breathe a new life and
forget the sour weeps of my sorrow;
how I hope that there won't be tomorrow.
As the mind starts to see
the wounded truth, reality;
a broken-winged bird never flies free.
Will never let my soul accept me.


Date: Nov 30, 2012 
Where: Home

1 comment:

  1. Oh How I like this piece. I don't get tired of reading it. I like the repetition of me in some of the lines. Can I call it a refrain? or rhyme?