At the meat counter

June 19, 2011 (Sunday)

Early this morning, I went to the groceries with Dad to and observed one of the ladies selling fresh meat. She had a clear face, and her eyes were emphasized by the pretty blue marking of eye liner. She had a plump body that makes her huggable. You can imagine her dressing and making up for work early in the morning. Then riding a jeepney or a tricycle on the way to work.

"Wait ma'am, it's here already", as she finished sealing an order of chopped chicken for a customer
"Oh, I just thought you might forget.", the mid 40's mother said with concern on her face
Blue liner lady handed the order over, "Just over the counter please, have a good day!"

I take our orders from the other lady:

Chopped chicken for curry
Pork Shanghai
Beef Kalitiran for steak
Beef lean ground

"What s it ma'am? ... You'd want a kilo of ground pork instead? ... Okay, in a bit, ma'am."

Over the butcher's counter lies a pig's head. Anyone new to this experience would think how horrible human beings are, slaughtering these harmless, nature loving creatures. But there's nothing wrong with this. We're just doing our job. Getting by. We're just surviving.

As the lady with the pretty eyes ask me with a smile, "Anything else, sir?"
"No thank you, I'm done.", was my reply

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