Fargo (1996) by Joel Cohen

Other films by Joel Cohen: The Big Lebowski (1998), No Country for Old Men (2007),  A Serious Man (2009)


Directing: The directing was pretty okay. I liked how the atmosphere of the movie was a bit isolated with the weather, darkness, and snow. The dialogues were also limited in space which pulled the audience closer from their seats and be into the moment more often. There’s an aura of old independent movie theme going on in there.

Plot: The degree of the conflict is quiet yet significant. It is highly interesting and it shows the personality of the unique characters without giving it away easily. It also showed nicely how a police officer would spend her normal daily routine in a couple of minutes. I liked the tension between the characters of Macy and Buscemi, also Buscemi and Stormare’s, they gave the transition of the film a better flow.

Characters/Acting: The characters are extremely interesting but also quite normal if you think about it. Or vice versa. Buscemi and Stormare’s characters obviously did not like each other regardless of what they’ve been through. Macy’s character had to practice talking to his father-in-law about his wife’s kidnapping! Possible. I seriously might do the same. Insecurities. The actors did very well in acting, I was convinced throughout of the role they played.

Score: Nothing much really. The seriousness of the movie didn’t need it. I think it was best to have the quiet scenes to make the movie for the audience more realistic, even during the striking and unbelievable scenes.

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